Silver Needle & Thread CATA Affiliate for Monthly Sustainable Wellness Home Tour

 Everything in our closets matter in important ways 
most can never imagine.

This is the message we want to get across to those touring the Sustainable Wellness Home every month.  Our goal is to create awareness and educate consumers about how our clothes affect many aspects of our lives, our health and the environment.

As a CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel affiliate much of our custom organic garments and small batch manufactured items can be viewed in the home.  As a professional dressmaker and custom wardrobe designer we can show an array of organic fibres in our clothing to those visiting the home, educating them about raw fibres, the variety, quality and why it matters.

One of our major services include closet sweeps/audits where we address every aspect and component of a closet to include storing, fixture units, hangers, pest control, garment cleaning, organization and presentation.  We stress the importance of seeking sustainable ways to address your personal needs.

We prefer wood hangers over plastic, storage baskets made of natural grasses instead of plastic tubs. sturdy recycled paper boxes and canvas garment bags to reduce the toxic and harmful items that make up the space.

We offer alternative cleaning sources over toxic chemically laden dry cleaning and removing garments you don't wear even if they are made from natural fibres.  The overall theme of our service is to teach consumers the understanding that less is MORE and more is WASTE.  Textile waste  goes into our landfills to produce methane gas that affects climate change.  On average individuals throw away 64 to 82 pounds of textile waste each year that contributes to over 16 million tons of waste. The number is growing rapidly due to the trend of disposable fashion and the production of inferior quality goods. 

Silver Needle & Thread is proud to be a sponsor, apart of this project and the "SOLUTION.'  To learn more about the Wellness Home and the upcoming Gala & Organic Festival, May 6-8 in Eureka Springs, AR where a large organic fashion show will take place visit our website:

We custom sew everything associated with wardrobing to include baby, children, work, special needs and special occasion.

At Silver Needle & Thread we love to SEW!
Pure, Clean, Beautiful Organic Fabric that is.........


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