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Creating An Organic and Natural Fibre Wardrobe | One Dressmakers Eco Fashion Journey

Join me as I take the time to design, sew and create a new wardrobe after 16 years.

You know what they say, "those who provide services are the one's who end up needing the service the most but seldom take the time to take care of themselves."  Well it's true, as a professional dressmaker it's been over 16 years since I created a wardrobe for myself.  Time to change that!  
Over the next few weeks I will be designing my new organic and natural fibre wardrobe incorporating vintage, classic and modern styles with lots of color, clean lines, tailoring components, great cuts and fabric combinations.
Follow me to see the results.  I hope I can inspire you to make a change, become connected to the clothes you wear, wear clothes that make you happy and look good.  The way you want to.
Why organic?  
*I believe my body should be covered by nature not a chemical concoction cook up in a laboratory. 
*I believe slow fashion connects me with purpose to the things I use so I will …