Saturday, November 16, 2013

Modal: Revealing Fabrics of the Future by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD

Chances are you, as a consumer, have come across a prevalent fabric on the market today called Modal. Well, have you ever wondered what it is?

Today there is a manufacturing company that falsely sells such fabrics like modal as natural, sustainable, eco-friendly and our future in the textile industry. However, natural is just not the reality.

A Fabulous You Seminar
A beautiful display of Organic Cotton at A Fabulous You Seminar,
organic fabrics such as these are the best for your health.

A Fabulous  You Seminar
Silver Needle & Thread has several organic fabric wear like, socks, underwear and sleepwear available for purchase.
Contact us here for more information and protect your health.

Revealing Modal

So what is modal? It is actually a type of rayon made from reconstituted cellulose. You may remember Rayon from a previous post, and the side effects are severe. To understand more click here for the post on Rayon.

..and yes, modal is light weight, shrink and fade resistant, but…  

Modal loses shape and has been attributed to far worse things as severe itching and burning rashes when worn.

There are several other fabrics that are being portrayed as natural, but as a conscious consumer and fashionista you too can be informed. Join Silver Needle & Thread at the next A Fabulous You Seminar where those fabrics will be revealed and broken down on their true content and harmful effects.

Have you had any type of harmful experience with modal? Share your experiences with Silver Needle & Thread in comments!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Going Green at the Northeast Florida Veg Fest by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD

Silver Needle & Thread is ecstatic about going green at the Fourth Annual Northeast Florida Veg Fest! The event brings the best local sustainable, eco-friendly, and organic humane organizations and businesses together. To be a part of this is huge and also a great opportunity for you! Yes, you can benefit from this day-long event that hosts tons of organic and vegan food, vendors, activities, and knowledge to become a more healthy and fabulous you!
Northeast Florida Veg Fest
Patricia Davis and Jen having fun during her Color Analysis at A Fabulous You Seminar
Silver Needle & Thread’s very own Patricia Davis will be a guest speaker sharing her expert knowledge. Her passion, as she states is to "educate the public about the unhealthy and dangerous practices of the textile industry". 

Creative Jewelry Design by Laura Staley
Creative Jewelry Designs by Laura Staley for SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD
100% Pure Makeup will be on site with our Makeup Artist
Join us for this amazing event and chance to hear firsthand about the mission of Silver Needle & Thread, as well as, the unique products and services it has to offer! 

The Fourth Annual Northeast Florida Veg Fest Presented by Girls Gone Green

November 9, 2013
      10:00AM – 5:00PM       

Riverside Park
153 Park Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204