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Organic Cotton Fabric to Clothing

Organic clothing choices are endless with so many fabric choices now available today.  Wardrobe decision time..........

The two things we love the most fabric and flowers, flowers and fabric.  I'm amazed at the endless beauty of mother nature.

Organic Clothing Spokes Person-Miss Earth Florida

The two things we just think naturally go together are beauty and fashion.

Our Miss Earth Florida 2015, Elizabeth Tran will be making the majority of her title appearances wearing organic clothing as part of her sponsorship from CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel.
Silver Needle & Thread is a CATA affiliate and Miss Earth will be wearing our custom sewn organic and natural fiber handmade garments in an effort to show her audience just how stylish organic apparel can be.  She's truly a green girl!

Whenever you spot her wearing organics tweet #Isupportcataorganic and share her photo to show your support.