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Creating An Organic and Natural Fibre Wardrobe | One Dressmakers Eco Fashion Journey

Join me as I take the time to design, sew and create a new wardrobe after 16 years.

You know what they say, "those who provide services are the one's who end up needing the service the most but seldom take the time to take care of themselves."  Well it's true, as a professional dressmaker it's been over 16 years since I created a wardrobe for myself.  Time to change that!  
Over the next few weeks I will be designing my new organic and natural fibre wardrobe incorporating vintage, classic and modern styles with lots of color, clean lines, tailoring components, great cuts and fabric combinations.
Follow me to see the results.  I hope I can inspire you to make a change, become connected to the clothes you wear, wear clothes that make you happy and look good.  The way you want to.
Why organic?  
*I believe my body should be covered by nature not a chemical concoction cook up in a laboratory. 
*I believe slow fashion connects me with purpose to the things I use so I will …

Custom Sewn Organic Clothing: Model 4 Miracles Fashion Show

Check out some of our custom sewn organic clothing modeled at this year's annual  Model 4 Miracles Fashion Show in Orlando, FL

 Miss Earth Florida Elizabeth Tran coordinated and hosted the show in Orlando, FL. Her efforts raised over $16,000 for the charity.

Our youngest model worn a pink and green  organic cotton sateen dress with matching ribbon.

This simple white girls dress is trimmed in cotton lace.   It's the perfect style for any special occasion.

This fun jumper is made using organic cotton.  It will flatter any body type.

Whatever your wardrobe needs are Silver Needle & Thread can sew it for you. We offer over eight thousand organic and natural fabric swatches.
Make your garment today! Contact us at or call 904-998-9978 to make an appointment.

Organic Cotton Fabric to Clothing

Organic clothing choices are endless with so many fabric choices now available today.  Wardrobe decision time..........

The two things we love the most fabric and flowers, flowers and fabric.  I'm amazed at the endless beauty of mother nature.

Organic Clothing Spokes Person-Miss Earth Florida

The two things we just think naturally go together are beauty and fashion.

Our Miss Earth Florida 2015, Elizabeth Tran will be making the majority of her title appearances wearing organic clothing as part of her sponsorship from CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel.
Silver Needle & Thread is a CATA affiliate and Miss Earth will be wearing our custom sewn organic and natural fiber handmade garments in an effort to show her audience just how stylish organic apparel can be.  She's truly a green girl!

Whenever you spot her wearing organics tweet #Isupportcataorganic and share her photo to show your support.

Wear Organic Clothing: The Dark Reality of Cheap Fashion Inside Cambodia

The cold reality of devastating practices widely used in the  textile industry to employ cheap labor.

 When your clothes are made this way; they can be cheap. Are you willing to pay for the slavery and exploitation of women? This inside video of Cambodia's garment manufacturing realities is a bit hard to watch but something anyone who wears clothes should see.

What's the alternative you ask?  
Know where your clothes are made by simply reading the label and refuse to purchase garments made in countries that employ slavery tactics, do not pay living wages, house factories in unsafe buildings, lock workers inside facilities, use fear tactics to force long hours and force people to work against their will.
Shop small companies committed to integrity over profits and consciousness in manufacturing.
Look for companies who are willing and eager to show transparency in their supply chain.  Many organic clothing companies publicly post their stories on their websites for everyone to read. …

Consumers Against Toxic Apparel - Wear the Change Wear Organic Clothing: Organic Clothing: Miss Earth Florida 2015 and CATA...

Consumers Against Toxic Apparel - Wear the Change Wear Organic Clothing: Organic Clothing: Miss Earth Florida 2015 and CATA...: As of January 2, 2015 CATA is an official sponsor:  Miss Earth Florida 2105 Miss Elizabeth Tran Miss Earth Florida is choosing h...