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Have a Fabulous Christmas with Our NEW STORE - by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD

With only 14 days left before Christmas we thought you might be feeling the pressure to grab those last minute gifts! Check out our New Store for an assortment of gifts, we have just what you need to make this year a Fabulous Christmas! 

Handmade Custom Jewelry by Laura Staley Just some of our 100% Organic Cotton Socks Our store is available now and offers unique organic products. Organic fabric, underwear socks and much, much more! Follow the link below to start your shopping, Happy Holidays!
New Store!!!

Modal: Revealing Fabrics of the Future by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD

Chances are you, as a consumer, have come across a prevalent fabric on the market today called Modal. Well, have you ever wondered what it is?

Today there is a manufacturing company that falsely sells such fabrics like modal as natural, sustainable, eco-friendly and our future in the textile industry. However, natural is just not the reality.

Revealing Modal
So what is modal? It is actually a type of rayon made from reconstituted cellulose. You may remember Rayon from a previous post, and the side effects are severe. To understand more click here for the post on Rayon. ..and yes, modal is light weight, shrink and fade resistant, but… Modal loses shape and has been attributed to far worse things as severe itching and burning rashes when worn. There are several other fabrics that are being portrayed as natural, but as a conscious consumer and fashionista you too can be informed. Join Silver Needle & Thread at the next A Fabulous You Seminar where those fabrics will be revealed a…

Going Green at the Northeast Florida Veg Fest by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD

Silver Needle & Thread is ecstatic about going green at the Fourth Annual Northeast Florida Veg Fest! The event brings the best local sustainable, eco-friendly, and organic humane organizations and businesses together. To be a part of this is huge and also a great opportunity for you! Yes, you can benefit from this day-long event that hosts tons of organic and vegan food, vendors, activities, and knowledge to become a more healthy and fabulous you! Silver Needle & Thread’s very own Patricia Davis will be a guest speaker sharing her expert knowledge. Her passion, as she states is to "educate the public about the unhealthy and dangerous practices of the textile industry".
100% Pure Makeup will be on site with our Makeup Artist Join us for this amazing event and chance to hear firsthand about the mission of Silver Needle & Thread, as well as, the unique products and services it has to offer!
The Fourth Annual Northeast Florida Veg Fest Presented by Girls Gone GreenSatur…


Did you know color can change your life? Yes, it is true, color can change your life just by uplifting your wardrobe.

Patricia Davis is a highly-skilled custom dress-maker and fashion designer. She is also a certified color consultant and brings unique services to her clients. One of those services being personal color analysis and color palettes.

A beautiful line up of color palettes. Which one is yours? So love your color by learning and taking advantage of these innovative services at the next "A Fabulous You" seminar or just contact Silver Needle & Thread for personalized service. You will always leave your house in the right color, feeling confident and fashionable!

Click HERE To Contact Silver Needle & Thread for services and to stay up to date for the next seminar!

Yummy 100% Pure Makeup by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD

Just how yummy is this makeup line? From the looks of it you do not want to miss the next opportunity to find out!
 Silver Needle & Thread has organic makeup, just one of many unique products being offered...100% Pure is "healthy food for skin"NO synthetic chemicals NO artificial fragrances NO petro chemicals NO preservatives and... NO other toxins
Make sure to take this unique opportunity to check out truly 100% pure makeup at the next "A Fabulous You" seminar!
Register Here for A Fabulous You Seminar on October 19!

WARNING: Stay Away from these Harmful Fabrics by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD

Two very common fabrics used in fashion today are actually the most harmful to your health.

The First…

Polyester: made from synthetic polymers, is a very hot and restrictive fabric.
Trapping toxins in your body, over time causing them to build up and cause major health issues like cancer. 

The Second… Rayon: made from wood pulp and treated with chemicals like ammonia, acetone and sulphuric acid to name just a few.
Linked to many ailments such as nausea, headaches, and can you believe anorexia and Parkinson’s disease for people who regularly wear the fabric? Not surprising after learning the amount of chemicals it’s been treated with.

One things for sure our bodies need less toxins and to breath...

So what’s the best thing you can do for your health when it comes to fabrics? Have your clothes custom sewn (employ a local dressmaker, seamstress or tailor to custom sew key wardrobe items just like Silver Needle & Thread) Avoid all chemically treated clothing Educate yourself by researchi…


"A Fabulous You" seminar is all about real fashion for real women. We often see unrealistic images of women in media and it is no wonder there are so many people today that are uninterested in fashion or that have zero confidence in achieving an effortless and complimentary look for themselves. Fashion does not have to be about expensive designers and all of the hype. Look forward to seeing innovative images of real women, real inspiration and the women Silver Needle & Thread help along the way!

You do not want to miss the next "A Fabulous You"! This is what the seminar is all about….a chance for women to learn about real fashion through activity and empowering discussion. There will also be organic make up samples available to try, plus much more!!!

FABULOUS NEWS!!!Register before the 12th and pay $299. Register a group of five or more and save even more >>Register Here
WHEN: October 19, 2013 from 10:00am - 3:30pm WHERE: 10551 Deerwood Park Blvd
Did you know that simply dressing yourself and your family each day is putting your health at risk? Learn what the textile industry does not what you to know by attending this unique and eye-opening seminar presented by Silver Needle & Thread. Be empowered, informed and inspired to take control...more

A goodie bag...filled with surprises!

UNF Small Business Blog: SBDC at UNF Interview: Patricia Davis-Silver Needl...

UNF Small Business Blog: SBDC at UNF Interview: Patricia Davis-Silver Needl...: Our client Tricia Davis is passionate and skilled in creating clothing that is environmentally friendly, comfortable and stylish as well...
A fabulous custom sewn organic color grown cotton pleated skirt and top by Silver Needle & Thread.  Worn by Deha of Silver T-Models.  Custom sewing allows you the freedom to create the garments of your choice.


YES THEY ARE!  The textile industry utilizes dangerous methods to bring you all those inexpensive mass produced garments that are toxic to your health and the environment.  Tons of toxic chemicals are being put into the production of most conventional clothing without the knowledge of the general public.  If you want to protect yourself and your family seek organic and natural chemical free clothing.  Silver Needle & Thread is a custom sewing company specializing in sewing organic and natural fabrics.  Follow us on face book at:  to learn more.
SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD is proud to be a new member of NAPW (National Association of Professional Women, Jacksonville, FL chapter).  Visit us at: