Yummy 100% Pure Makeup by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD

Just how yummy is this makeup line? From the looks of it you do not want to miss the next opportunity to find out!
Silver Needle & Thread
100% Pure Makeup by SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD at the last A Fabulous You seminar

 Silver Needle & Thread has organic makeup, just one of many unique products being offered...

100% Pure is "healthy food for skin"

  • NO synthetic chemicals
  • NO artificial fragrances
  • NO petro chemicals
  • NO preservatives
  • and...
  • NO other toxins
Fabulous star fruit showing off truly 100% pure makeup

Make sure to take this unique opportunity to check out truly 100% pure makeup at the next "A Fabulous You" seminar!

Register Here for A Fabulous You Seminar on October 19!
Silver Needle & Thread
Berry healthy shades of color for your lips, delicious!



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