Did you know color can change your life? Yes, it is true, color can change your life just by uplifting your wardrobe.

A Fabulous You Seminar
What is the first thing you notice here? Chances are you said a smile and Color!
Patricia Davis looks happy and fashionable in her eye-catching shade of green.

Patricia Davis is a highly-skilled custom dress-maker and fashion designer. She is also a certified color consultant and brings unique services to her clients. One of those services being personal color analysis and color palettes.

A beautiful line up of color palettes. Which one is yours?
So love your color by learning and taking advantage of these innovative services at the next "A Fabulous You" seminar or just contact Silver Needle & Thread for personalized service. You will always leave your house in the right color, feeling confident and fashionable!

Click HERE To Contact Silver Needle & Thread for services and to stay up to date for the next seminar!


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