Color Your Wardrobe

Add A Bit of Color to Your Fall Wardrobe

With the fast approach of Fall we've been busy at the sewing machine creating some jewels to transition our style.  We chose organic cotton, some beautiful linens from around the world, a gorgeous merino heathered wool jersey and an interesting blend of recycled hemp and organic cotton. 

These pieces are easily interchangeable with pieces currently in our wardrobe and offer some interesting looks you'll love.  When you start to think mix and match you can see just how functional and complementary these pieces are.

Of course you know that custom sewing your clothes ensures a perfect fit every time and you get to choose the colors that are right for you.  Finding the right dressmaker to design and hand sew your clothes is a liberating experience to be cherished.

Statistics reveal that Americans wear only 20% of the clothes hanging in our closets 80% of the time which means 80% of the clothes (fast fashion) we buy are not worn 20% of the time.  This further translates to the fact that we own a whole lot of clothes we don't like or wear. We've wasted precious dollars and spent time buying something that will never give us a ROI (return on investment) or any pleasure.  This is money we could have spent on eating better food, traveling or taking a class to learn a new hobby. 

What would it feel like to be connected to every garment you own, love it, wear it and appreciate owning it?  Being a professional dressmaker and able to make the clothes I love to wear, I can truly say, "It feels AMAZINGLY LIBERATING!"

                                                                                         Organic Cotton Sateen

                                   Italian, Scottish, Belgium, Austria and European Linen


                                                        Vintage Cotton Printed Circle Skirt                                                          

Raw Silk Doupionni Circle Skirt

We're working to develop an online collection of the garments you see here in a variety of colors making them avaliable to anyone seeking artisanal handmade slow fashion.  Some of them will only be avaliable in limited quantities, such as the vintage cotton printed circle skirt.  Orders will be taken based upon true body measurements and not standardized sizing and you can choose the color you want.  Meaning you will be able to order by your waist size, bust and/or hip.  Pieces in the collection will be modern with classic cuts  and simple silhouettes.  We want the fabric, color and quality to speak for itself.

Our fabrics are organic and natural.  We refuse to create clothes that are filled with toxic and hazardous chemicals that affect your health, make you sick, pollute our environment and hurt our planet.  There are thousands (12,000) of toxic chemicals used to create fast fashion that have been linked to cancer, chronic illness and disease.  In addition, the discard of fast fashion is killing the planet as massive landfills pile up around the world with garments made from synthetic (petrochemicals-oil, coal and gas) fabrics that will never biodegrade and leave this earth.  Every polyester, nylon, acrylic, tri-acetate, etc. garment created will stay on earth in some form forever. Brands are producing cheap disposable clothes at an alarming rate and encouraging you to throw it away as fast as you buy it.  This is not sustainable!

Are you ready to become Part of the Solution?  Wear the clothes you love to own-create them.....
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